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Change in pairs:: [Jan. 5th, 2004|11:28 am]
New pair!

How about a bit of Draco/Harry?

I'm just seeing if anyone there is interested in DM/HP, since my younger sister is Drop Dead about it.

Like this one!

Harry moved closer to where Draco was.

"Hello Mr. Malfoy." He jeered.

"Good day, Mr. Potter." he hissed back.



"Daddy's boy."



"And proud of it."

"Don't you get it?" Harry asked with the air of a superior.

"I don't ask people to speak slowly now, hmm?"

Harry pushed Draco and Draco bumped him back.

Suddenly in a flash of light, Harry bled.

He felt ropes binding him back, stopping him from moving to help Harry.

"Draco, what's happening?" he whimpered.

He suddenly realized Harry was fading away into the night.


Draco woke up, finding his bedsheets tossed about him. He also realized he was only dreaming. Harry couldn't love him because he though Draco was an over-all bastard.

Only in dreams could he have a civilized conversation with him. Only in dreams.